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The Pleasure Saddle Horse Registry was formed to give gaited horse breeders an opportunity to crossbreed different breeds of gaited horses. The Registry validates and records the offspring from these matings with a permanent record and quality registration papers. You can breed a mare from ANY gaited breed to a stallion from ANY gaited breed and the foal will be eligible for registry with the PSHR.

Most of your questions will be answered as you browse this website. See the PSHR's 8 simple Rules and Frequently Asked Questions FAQ. You will find a list of all the recognized breeds that can be crossbred on the Breed Code Key page. An official application for registration form can be found on the Forms page. The PSHR mailing address and contact information can be found on the Contact Us page.

SPECIAL NOTICE: If your horse is gaited, it can be registered! The PSHR™ is accepting good quality unregistered gaited horses in the registry, see rule #7. The PSHR also double registers horses from all gaited breeds, see rule #8.

GAITED STALLION OWNERS: Increase the number of breedings to your stallion! Your gaited stallion can breed a mare from ANY gaited breed and the foal will be eligible for registry in the PSHR, see the Breed Code Key.

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