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PSHR General Rules Regarding Registrations:
Responsibility for correctness of pedigree rests with the owner/applicant of horse.
If your horse is gaited it can be registered!

For registration of horses with UNKNOWN parents,
please follow rules 1, 2, 5, & 7 (#6 is for foals only).
It will NOT be necessary to complete rules 3, 4, or 8
for horses with unknown parentage.

(1)  Application for registration must be typed or in ink and must be submitted on an official application for registry form. This application becomes an important part of the records of the Registry. Every care should be exercised in giving dates, pedigrees, markings and etc.

(2)  Three name choices must be submitted with each choice having no more than 30 characters, including punctuation and spaces.

(3)  In order to qualify for registry the horse’s sire and dam must be registered with a recognized PSHR qualifying breed. The sire and dam can be from different breeds. Example: A registered Tennessee Walking Horse sire & a registered Paso Fino dam, or any other combination of the recognized breeds. Please see Breed Code Key for the qualifying breeds. Horses from Arabian, Morgan, and Bashkir Curly breeds are allowed at the regular registration fee, but a video showing gait must be submitted with the application for registration. The PSHR accepts all easy-riding soft gaited breeds in the registry, without discrimination. If you do not see your gaited breed in the Breed Code Key, please feel free to submit your application for registration along with a request to add the gaited breed to the Breed Code Key. Registration and addition of the breed to the Code Key is subject to approval.

(4)  A copy of the sire’s and dam’s registration papers must accompany this registration application. They will be kept in the permanent file with the horse’s registration application.

(4a)  No copies of PSHR papers are required. If the sire and dam are registered with the PSHR their papers are already on file with the PSHR, so all that is required is their registration number and name.
(4b)  No copies of papers are required if your horse is being registered under the Hardship Clause and the parentage is unknown, (see rule number 7 below).

(5)  Two photos of the horse must be submitted with the application of registration form, one of the right side and one of the left side. Photos must show the entire horse, head, body, all four legs and hooves. The photo of the left side will be used on the registration papers, so quality photos are very important. Photos may be sent as email attachments. Photos will not be returned.

(6)  Registration of foals under 6 months old requires signatures of the sire/stallion owner and the dam/mare owner in the breeder’s certificate box found on the bottom left corner of the application for registration form.

(7)  For a limited time, application for registration of high quality, gaited horses of unknown or unregistered parents is possible under the "Hardship Clause". Applications falling under the Hardship Clause must be submitted with a video email attachment, YouTube link or DVD showing the horse performing an easy-riding soft gait, such as the running walk, flat walk, rack, pace, stepping pace, foxtrot, slow saddle gait or single-foot. For a description of these gaits, see our Gaits page. Video clips sent as email attachments are also accepted. The horse does not have to be shown under saddle and the video can be of the horse gaiting at free will. The horse can be registered at any age. A self addressed stamped envelope must be enclosed if you want your video returned. The PSHR reserves the right to deny registration of any horse that does not pass the video inspection for gait. Additional registration fees apply. Please see our Fees page for price.

(8)  Double registering horses already registered with another gaited breed: PSHR welcomes horses registered in other gaited breed associations/registries and will issue PSHR registration papers to horses registered in other gaited breeds. Please submit PSHR registration application along with a copy of the horse’s registration papers, photos and the regular registration fee. Please see our Fees page for price. No videotape is required for purebred horses registered with other established gaited breeds, such as TWHBEA (Walkers), MFTHBA (Foxtrotters), PFHA (Pasos) & etc. A copy of registration papers is required in lieu of videotape.

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