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1.   Did you fill out the complete registration form? Did you check the box to state whether your horse is a Stallion, Mare or Gelding?

2.   Did you enclose 2 photos showing both sides of your horse, the complete horse, from his/her hooves to the tips of his ears? These can be sent as email attachments to:

3.   If he/she is a crossbred gaited horse, did you enclose a copy of his/her sire's and dam's papers? In order to qualify for regular registration, these can be of different gaited associations, but they must both be from one of our accepted breeds. See Breed Code Key.

4.   If your horse does not qualify for regular registration, did you enclose a video tape, YouTube video link or DVD of the horse gaiting and the Hardship Clause registration fee of $50.?

5.   If your horse is registered in another breed, did you enclose a copy of his/her papers from that association?

6.   Please also send us the name of the breeder of the horse, (if you know, if not it will be listed as unknown).

7.   If not certain of your horse's birthday, please state how old he/she is. If you are not sure of their age, please ask your veterinarian to give you an approximate age. The papers will list his/her birthday as January 1st of the year he/she was born.

8.   If you have an email address, please include it on the registration form.


Why Should I Register My Horse?

The value of a registered horse is much greater than if it is unregistered. Registering your gaited horse with the PSHR, whether you're active in breeding or not, increases the value of the horse. It makes it possible for future owners to breed and register offspring from it. A horse's registration papers provide a history of the horse's ownership and breeder. The recorded pedigree keeps track of the horse and its owners. You leave a permanent record that your horse was here. So many horses come into our lives, and then they are gone without ever leaving a trace. Don't let yours be one of them. It also allows your horse to be shown in some open horse shows that accept registered horses only.

How Do I Register My Horse?

Registration begins with an application. Applications can be found on this web site, or they can be mailed to you from our office.

Need to find a registration fee? Click here.
Need to print a registration application? Click here.
Want to register on-line? Click here.


The photos accompanying your application for registration become a permanent part of the horse's registration file, so they should be as good as possible. Following are a few tips on getting the best shots you can.

A minimum of two photos showing your entire horse from both sides must be provided with the registration application. Included in these shots should be one of the horse's right side and one of the left side, but you may also include one front view and one rear view, if you wish to have more identification on file with the PSHR. Remember that these photos provide indisputable proof of your horse's appearance.

The photos make up the permanent identification of your horse. Consequently, they need to show the animal as accurately as possible. Please don't haul a muddy horse out of the pasture and shoot a few quick pictures. While the horse doesn't need to be spotless, all markings must show clearly. To ensure the photos are sharp, take them on a sunny day with the sun to the photographer's back. Take the photos away from distracting backgrounds and away from other horses. It is preferred that only the horse being registered appear in the photos. One photo will be used on your horse's PSHR registration certificate.

Transferring Registration Papers:

Why should I transfer ownership of my horse?

Think of it as transferring the title to an automobile. The horse is duly recorded in the books of the PSHR as belonging to you.

Transferring ownership of your new Pleasure Saddle Horse into your name as soon as you purchase it guarantees that you will be able to maintain the value of the horse as a registered animal. To transfer a horse, the PSHR must have the signature of the seller on the back of the registration papers. If you delay in filing this application with the PSHR, the odds of the registration papers becoming lost increase, and locating the seller years after you buy the horse also becomes increasingly difficult. Paying the transfer fee now will save you hours of frustration and expense further down the road. If papers are lost they can only be replaced by the registered owner of the horse. If they have not been transferred into your name, the PSHR does not consider you to be the owner.

To transfer your new Pleasure Saddle Horse you should complete one of the transfer blocks on the back of the original certificate. The previous owner will need to sign the back of the certificate and you will need to fill in your information and the date you bought the horse.

Send the original certificate to the PSHR along with the transfer fee. PEASE NOTE: You will not receive a new certificate of registration. Ownership of horse is transferred by the block on the back of the papers. The original certificate will be returned to you after the transfer has been duly recorded.

Please allow 6 weeks for the return of the registration certificate.

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