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Walkaloosa Horse

Breed Description:

The Walkaloosa Association was founded to help in preserving a gaited Appaloosa patterned horse for the future. The Walkaloosa Horse as a breed is made up of many body types. The breed standard is designed to promote the ideal for the breed, with the goal to attain a horse that combines beauty with functionality, a generous and docile temperament with smooth and brilliant gaits. Walkaloosa horses are versatile, bred for balance of movement and harmony of form, resulting in ease of training. The ideal Walkaloosa will travel in a smooth gait with animation, rhythm, and style. Walkaloosa horses have solid gait, radiant coloring, good minds, good conformation and a genetic ability to transmit these traits to their progeny. Breeders of Walkaloosa horses especially need to adhere to a breed standard that ensures soundness and versatility, Conformation must adhere to standards which promote a sound, hardy horse with longevity. The Walkaloosa should walk, gait and canter with equal quality. While degrees of "type" are allowed and even encouraged, all examples of the Walkaloosa breed should exhibit conformation illustrating that basic soundness is of primary importance, followed by solid gait, vigor, presence and brilliance of movement, to allow the exotic beauty of the Walkaloosa horse to shine as their lasting heritage. Severe faults in conformation shall be penalized severely even in the presence of outstanding "type".

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