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Tiger Horse

Breed Description:

The Tiger Horse is a gaited breed with a preference for color, specifically the spotted coat pattern that is commonly associated with LP gene found in the Appaloosa gene pool. The Tiger Horse is primarily a gaited, working saddle horse, which must be able to perform an even natural four-beat gait. Although most people think of the Tiger as a new and emerging breed, its origins actually go back to ancient Iberia. The original Tiger Horse was a member of the Spanish Jenette family who's smooth riding gait, along with it's colorful coat pattern, made it a favorite mount of the nobility. Over the years, as many gaited horses were bred to trotting horses, most of the natural gaitedness of the appaloosa patterned horses was lost. The Tiger Horse Association was formed to register, protect, and promote gaited horses with that still carry the LP color gene. By cross breeding these few gaited Appaloosa type horses to the naturally gaited Spanish breeds, they are working towards the revival of the Ancient Tiger Horse.

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