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Single-Footing Horse

Breed Description:

Single-Footing is simply a term old timers used to describe the footfall of a horse's hooves and is also known as racking or the largo. A true Single-Footing horse performs an even timed, four beat gait from a relaxed trail gait to the ground covering single-foot in which the horse is moving with one foot on the ground at a time.  
What is unique to the Single-Footing horse is their broad range of speed and their natural ability to remain smooth and consistent from a slow gait all the way up to the racing gait.  Some of these horses are capable of reaching and exceeding exhilarating speeds of 20 mph or more.  Hold onto your hat!
In a world where many gaited horses are being bred for the show ring, the Single-Footing horse comes from a strong background of horses bred to work and trail ride.  While other gaited breeds have been influenced by passing trends and fads, the Single-Footing horse has remained true to its heritage.  These are not your "average" gaited horses.  Breeders have worked diligently for many years to produce an exceptional gaited horse.  One that will get you where you're going smoothly, safely, swiftly and in style! 
While most Single-Footing horses are bred primarily for trail riding, many owners enjoy showing their horses.  The true Single-Footing horse will be found dominating in flat shod Trail Racking, Country Racking and Speed Racking classes at shows around the country.  The Single-Footing horse comes in all shapes, colors and sizes.  What is most important is how those four feet hit the ground.

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