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National Show Horse

Breed Description:

The National Show Horse strives to produce an athletic horse which retains size, beauty and refinement. Specifically, the following traits are desirable:

A.  Motion.  Balanced and obvious power from the hindquarters flowing into an elevated front end, the front legs showing both flexion and extension;
B.  Neck.  Very long, set high on the shoulder and relatively upright with fine throat latch.  The neck should be shapely but without a pronounced crest;
C.  Head.  Relatively small, short and refined with large eyes and small, well placed ears and a straight or slightly concave profile (a "Roman nosed" or convex profile is not desirable);
D.  Pronounced withers and a very deep and well laid back shoulder;
E.  Proportionately short back closely coupled with a long hip and relatively level top line (moderately sloping croup not to be penalized);
F.  Legs.  Correct from all angles with long forearms and short cannon bones in front and long, well angled pasterns front and rear;
G.  Refinement of bone but not lacking in substance, especially in the chest, girth, shoulder and hip;
H.  A relatively high set tail, natural and flowing;
I.  When observed at rest or in motion, the horse must exhibit a natural presence and, when animated, extreme brilliance.  The horse must exhibit high carriage when showing or relaxed.

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