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Gaited Morgan Horses

Breed Description:

Justin Morgan's bay horse, named 
Figure was born in 1789. Figure's ability to outwalk, outtrot, outrun, and outpull other horses was legendary. After Justin Morgan's death, Figure became known by his former owner's name, the Justin Morgan horse. In the 1840's breeders in Vermont and western New Hampshire began efforts to concentrate the Morgan lines. These horses were highly prized as general-purpose horses capable of performing a wide variety of tasks. The first Morgan Horse Register was published in 1894. Morgans have always been noted for steady, comfortable gaits. Several sons of Justin Morgan, including Sherman and Hawkins Horse have been said to be  gaited. Though it has only been reciently that some breeders specialize in breeding for gaited Morgans.

Some breed estimates states that from 10 to 20% of Morgans perform some sort of soft, intermediate gait.  History shows that there were many Morgans used in the Calvary mount breeding program.  A good percent of these were smooth traveling, coveted singlefooters.  General Stonewall Jackson's favorite horse was a ground covering, smooth gaited Morgan. The Morgan Horse has contributed to the formation of most American gaited breeds. These include the Tennessee Walking Horse, the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse, and the Racking Horse, among others. The foundation sire of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed, Allen F-1, is the great-grandson of the famous Morgan stallion, Black Hawk, who is himself believed to be a Naragansett Pacer. Bloodlines that most typically display gait include Jubilee King & Flyhawk.

The Morgan Single Footing Horse is a service organization of The American Morgan Horse Association; the requirement for registry in this association being that these are registered full blooded Morgan Horses that are gaited. They may walk, trot, and canter, but, must also readily perform their gait which may be a rack, 
running walk, fox trot or stepping pace.

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