Stallnaker's Shadow Dancer
Stallnaker's Shadow Dancer  Stallnaker's Shadow Dancer  Stallnaker's Shadow Dancer

Stallnakers Shadow Dancer comes from a long line of  dense bone, solid hoofs and excellent tendons. He is well muscled and has great endurance.  He is 15 hands, very smooth under saddle, smart and willing. He pays close attention and is careful not to hurt me when I trim his hooves. Arizona is a great place to breed because it is so nice in the winter months. We belong to the EMI Church. Equestrian Ministries International prints a modern english bible. We ride the trails on our 4-wheelers and pick up trash, consult/fellowship about horse issues and offer our vistors a tax deductable, (even if it is not business related), adventure.
He is at stud now fully mature for a fee of $7,500. We have a colt yearling (mom arabian) on property.
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Pride Of Midnight H.F. Midnight Sun
Pride Of Stanley
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Spirit Of Merry Boy Spirit Of Midnight
Marilyn J.
             Sire: Spirit's Dark Dancer
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Madam Boujalais Jack's Merry Weather
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