Strocker's Power House
Stroker's Power House  Stroker's Power House  Stroker's Power House

Stroker babies are short backed, all legs and built for speed. They are gentle and love people.

We searched for years for the right stallion, with prefect breeding, speed, conformation, color, smooth fast gait, gentle, calm nature, a head full of sense to breed into our Fancy Pants blood-lines, and we finally found what we were looking for in Stroker. The future is near!
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divider line in pedigree

Shadow Wave Adios
Shadow Grattan
Shadow Wave Pick 
Dee Hanover Star's Pride
Dream Hanover
             Sire: Buck
Pat R Signal P. Direct
Queen Of Willards
F.G.'s Mae
Little Irish Irish Hal
Dazzle Mist
Albatross Meadow Skipper
Voodoo Hanover
Niagara Dream Bye Bye Bird
             DAM: Stunning Dottie
Storm Damage Bret Hanover
Breath O Spring
Goodest  Best Of All
My T Fine