Shoshoni Moon

Shoshoni Moon  Shoshoni Moon  Shoshoni Moon

Shoshoni Moon "Rawhide" offers some of the best qualities the gaited horse breeds could ask for. He is athletic, well conformed, has a great disposition, that is matched by his gaits, and produces a high percentage of  color to boot.  Don't settle for anything less that REAL Rawhide!! Shipped semen is available.... must book in advance. Pedigree Info: Ebony Masterpiece (WGC), Midnight Sun (WGC), Roan Allen F-38, Norris Moonbeam (Roy Roger's Trigger), Allen's Gold Zephyr (Trigger Jr.), Merry Boy, Merry Go Boy (WGC), Go Boy's Shadow (WGC), Go Boy's Royal Heir (WGC), Midnight Mack K., Mack K's Handshaker (WGC). Visit our website at

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Montana Traveler Ebony's Dakota Black
Miller's Gold Bond 
Tate's Traveler
Ebony's Patty Patches Ebony's Clipper
Miss Baby Jane
             Sire: Travelers Moon Frost
Norris Moonbeam Golden Moonbeam C.
Garnet's Gem
SP Moon Maid
Spook Norris Moonbeam
Lady Deb
  Shoshoni  Moon
Shadow's Brantley Go Boy's Shadow
Go Boy's Victoria
Shadow Mountain
My Duchess Delight Black Dust M.R.
Royal Heir's Duchess
             DAM: Holiday French Silk
Masters Holliday Master Mack SABC
Ebony's Merry Maid R.
Holliday's Sage
Brenda Lou Shaker's Chief
Go Boy's Hazel