Spirit's All That Jazz

Spirit's All That Jazz   Spirit's All That Jazz  Spirit's All That Jazz
Stud Fee: $300. - Born: 1998 - Color: Bay Tovero - Height: 15'2 H
Email: riverrunranch@hotmail.com - Website: http://riverrunranch.tripod.com
Owned by: River Run Ranch/April Smith - Phone: 570-827-0987
Address: 1329 Barney Hill Road - Elkland, PA 16920
His Pedigree

Sun's Evil Boy Spirit Of Evil Knieval
Merry Joe Glory J.
Evil Boy's Dream
Satin's Dream My Delightful Dream
Dark Satin W.
             Sire: Spirit's Salt-N-Pepper
Miracle's Jim Dandy B. Sun's Jim Dandy B.
Morning Miracle
Princess Dreama E.
Ebony's Sun Princess Ebony's Mighty Mack S.
Shaker's Katey Bird
  Spirit's All That Jazz
Ebony's Jackpot Ebony Masterpiece(WGC)
Go Boy's Stormy Night
Lucky Gamble
Shadow's Bay Belle Sun-Shan's Glo  
Shadow's Little Girl H.
             DAM: Gamble's Fiesty Girl
Magic Fashion K.W. Ebony's Hi Fashion
Magic's Fame D.
Magic's Keene Jewel
Keene's Pat Keene's Go Boy
Sun Dust Sugar Lump
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