Spirit's All That Jazz

Spirit's All That Jazz   Spirit's All That Jazz   Spirit's All That Jazz

Jazz is the glide ride you are looking for. Gait, color, and personality all in one place. He is naturally gaited without use of any aids, even shoes. Jazz is a bay tovero. He traces back to World Grand Champion's 41 times. He is registered TWHBEA, SSHBEA, and PSHR.

Jazz has the personality you want your horse to have. He is turned out with the mares and foals and I have watched him play with the babies. He is a gentleman to breed with and is easily handled. We ride Jazz out alone as well as in groups. Most people don't even realize he is a stallion. He will do a nice quiet relaxed walk, or get right up the road. He has the flat walk, running walk, and lope. His walk is a nice paced walk without a trace of trot or pace. We also have his babies for sale out of quality mares. Visit our website at riverrunranch.tripod.com

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Sun's Evil Boy Spirit Of Evil Knieval
Merry Joe Glory J.
Evil Boy's Dream
Satin's Dream My Delightful Dream
Dark Satin W.
             Sire: Spirit's Salt-N-Pepa
Miracle's Jim Dandy B. Sun's Jim Dandy B.
Morning Miracle
Princess Dreama E.
Ebony's Sun Princess Ebony's Mighty Mack S.
Shaker's Katey Bird
  Spirit's All That Jazz
Ebony's Jackpot Ebony Masterpiece(WGC)
Go Boy's Stormy Night
Lucky Gamble
Shadow's Bay Belle Sun-Shan's Glo  
Shadow's Little Girl H.
             DAM: Gamble's Fiesty Girl
Magic Fashion K.W. Ebony's Hi Fashion
Magic's Fame D.
Magic's Keene Jewel
Keene's Pat Keene's Go Boy
Sun Dust Sugar Lump