Pure Luck
Pure Luck  Pure Luck  Pure Luck

Pure Luck is blood-typed homozygous tobiano & black EE. Both his parents are black & white spotted. He has a very sweet, kind disposition, and a great natural foxtrot. His foals all have his incredible disposition and natural gaits. All of them are tobiano, most have been black & whites. Triple registered with the Missouri Foxtrotter, Spotted Saddle Horse and Pleasure Saddle Horse Associations. He will be standing at stud in Texas. Visit our website at home.earthlink.net/~renegaitranch/
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Missouri Senator Missouri Traveler E.
Missouri Play Girl
Senator's Travelin Dan
Betty Grable Sunny's Mike
Julie Belle
             Sire: Dusty Traveler
Reeve's Tony  Gold Boy
Tiny Reeves
Reeves' Sandy
Merry Legs Walker's Merry Lad
Old Spotty
Perfection's Renegade Toddy's Perfection
Go Boy's Lil
Renegade's Apache Magic
Zane's Milky Way C. Zane's Shakin Sam
Kyle's Sugar
             DAM: Hartley's Apache Shamrock
Perfection's Renegade Toddy's Perfection
Go Boy's Lil
Perfection's Renegade Red D.
Molly Bee R. Pobst's Pepper R.
Windy Lady