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PSHR Grand Champion Sire of the Year

The Pleasure Saddle Horse Registry (PSHR™) will sanction any show that offers open model classes at no cost to the club or association presenting the show.

ALL stallions nominated for this competition must be registered with the PSHR and all the offspring entered into shows as the "Offspring of Sire" must be registered with the PSHR. There is no limit to the number of offspring that can show for one sire.

The stallion with the highest points will be awarded PSHR Grand Champion Sire of the Year and will be acknowledged on the front entrance page of this web site and a PSHR Grand Champion Sire of the Year plague will be given.

Only the offspring (not their sires) must be entered and shown in their respective halter/model classes for the sire to be eligible for this award. Sire does not have to be shown. Offspring of any age can be shown. Mixed ownership of horses shown is permissible, but all horses must be registered in the PSHR for their points to count. A nomination fee of $25.00 must be paid for each sire nominated.

Points will be accumulated in model or halter classes only. You may enter offspring in any open model or halter class in any show and your points will accumulate for the sire, provided you have filed a nomination form and paid the fee for the sire's nomination and have the Get of Sire Show Results form signed and dated by the show's management.

In order to qualify for a Pleasure Saddle Horse Registry (PSHR) Get of Sire Annual Award:
1. All horses participating must be registered with the PSHR. This includes the stallion/sire and all the offspring that are being shown for that sire.
2. Submit your nomination form and fee of $25 for each sire nominated in the Get of Sire Awards program before you attend your first show of the year.
3. Agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the shows you are attending and the PSHR's rules.
4. Submit all changes of horse ownership, transfers of ownership by US Mail to the PSHR. Changes will be determined by date of postmark. The postmark of payment will determine the date points begin to accumulate.
5. Points will be counted from March 1st to November 15th each year and the PSHR Grand Champion Sire of the Year will be awarded by December 15th.
6. Return signed Get of Sire show results form for each show entered within 2 weeks of the show. Show Results Forms must be signed and dated by the show's management before points will count.
7. Applicant's age 18 years and under must have permission from parent or guardian to compete.

1. One Form for each nominated stallion.
2. Nomination forms with fees must be mailed to the PSHR before the first show.
3. Nomination fees for stallions are: $25.00 The postmark of payment will determine the date points begin to accumulate.

Points will be awarded to the sire as follows: (regardless of the number of horses in the class)
1st place = 10 points ~ 2nd place = 9 points ~ 3rd place = 8 point ~ 4th place = 7 points ~ 5th place = 6 points
6th place = 5 points ~ 7th place = 4 points ~ 8th place = 3 points ~ 9th place = 2 points ~ 10th place = 1 point

Points are awarded to the SIRE in this competition. All participating horses must be registered with the Pleasure Saddle Horse Registry and the stallion must have a nomination form and the one time annual fee of $25. per stallion must be paid. If the horse changes ownership during the show season, points will continue to be accumulated for the show season provided the new owner meets the eligibility requirements. It is the responsibility of the new owner to notify the High Point Awards Committee in writing of any change of ownership.

APPLICATIONS: To nominate your stallion, send the PSHR Get of Sire Nomination Form application in with the $25.00 fee made out to the Pleasure Saddle Horse Registry. Mail it to: Pleasure Saddle Horse Registry - P.O. Box 1445 - Paragould, Arkansas 72451-1445. Entires are also accepted via our Online Get of Sire Nomination Form.

Get of Sire Nomination Form applications must be postmarked before the first show you will be participating in. For points to count and accumulate, show results must be received no later than 2 weeks from the show date. In other words, if you participate in a show on March 10th, then you must mail in the show results by March 24th. NO EXCEPTIONS! Print the Get of Sire Show Results form and take it with you to the show. Fill in the information and be sure to get the show manager to sign and date it for you. FILL OUT ONE SHOW RESULTS FORM FOR EACH HORSE ENTERED. If you are entering more than one horse/offspring, please fill out a form for each horse. Then mail it to the PSHR within 2 weeks of the show. Note: Most show managers are happy to cooperate as this brings more horses to their shows, but you may want to talk to them about it before the show.

The PSHR may, at their discretion, cancel the Get of Sire Award, should the competition throughout the year be less than two (2) nominations.

*Sire : the male parent of an equine.
**Get: The offspring of a Stallion. The male is said to "get" the offspring on the female, thus the collective term "get" for his young. The class for this award is Get of Sire, thus the young by the same stallion are shown.
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