Alen's Silverado

Alen's Silverado  Alen's Silverado  Alen's Silverado

Alen's Silverado is a direct son of Spotted Alen Again.  Spotted Alen Again has consistently produced show and pleasure horses.  His get hold more than 90 WGCs; 70 reserve WGC; and division championships too numerous to count.  Alen's Silverado has inherited his sire's even four beat gait, paint job and laid back disposition. All of which he passes to his offspring.  Silver's foals have a small, compact, clearly defined head with small tipped ears.  And they all perform just like their sire.

His dam is no slouch either. Delight's Sugar Lump has 2 crosses to Wilson Allen; 2 to Roan Allen; 2 to Merry Go Boy, 3 to Midnight Sun and even one to Black Squirrel.  Factor in Spotted Alen Again's 4 crosses to Merry Boy; 2 to Roan Allen, 1 to Giovanni, 2 to Midnight Sun and you have one guaranteed gait machine.  Silver's preferred gait is the run-walk and you can see him perform it daily at our ranch.

Alen's Silverado will be put under saddle this winter (he's just coming 4) and may well visit a show ring near you. When he does you will be impressed by his attitude, gait, and startling color.  He is color tested
by UC Davis as E/e; A/a; CR/cr; and TO/to.  That means the color possibilities are endless. Add in the smutty gene and you should get one fine looking, hit the ground gaiting, foal.  So far he is producing 60%
fillies and 80% tobiano.  Silver is additionally registered SSHBEA; TWHBEA and RHBAA registration is pending. Visit our website at

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divider line in pedigree

Red's Shadow Man
Go Boy's Shadow
Bonnie Boyd
Shadows Spotted Alen
Midnight Curlee P Elrod's Gold Sun
Sue Lassiter
             Sire: Spotted Alen Again
Sun's Eldorado Midnight Sun
Queen Mary H
Lady Eldorado R
Holder's Ladder Lady Midnight Red Boy
Allen's Sue Bates
Big Shot's Successor Go Boy's Big Shot B
Laura's Shadow
Big Shot's Rowdy Rebel
Magic's Flame Magic's Pride
Magic's Wonder Girl
             DAM: Delight's Sugar Lump
Delight's Hyjacker Sun'd Delight D 
Midnight Dark Lady
Delight's Prim Doll
Go Boy's Big Threat R The Big Threat
Knockout's Lady C